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In a few words, I'm a hippy travel blogger & one-time graphic designer. In 2010 I quit my job as a book designer in capital of Massachusetts, MA and depart on a visit round the world. Over the course of fifteen months I visited quite some of nations from Morocco to Israel, Asian nation to Vietnam. (Read my reasons for desirous to travel round the world)

Why did i depart on my trip round the world? Well, it all started with a brief weekend trip to port, Iceland in 2009...
 How Iceland Changed My Life

In September 2009, I visited national capital, Iceland with an honest friend. we tend to were solely there for a 3-day weekend, however throughout that point, we tend to Pine Tree Statet such a large amount of attention-grabbing individuals and fellow travelers that it impressed me to create up my very own life arrange. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and study abroad throughout my life, and that i see no reason why that ought to finish with a full-time 9-5 job.

I started operating time period before I had even graduated from university. with none transition amount between college and “real-life,” I spent most of my early 20s busy creating a career and being accountable.

It wasn’t till I met individuals my same age from everywhere the planet (doing terribly various things than what i used to be doing) that i used to be impressed to require some action. It simply appeared unfair to assume they’d of these superb stories to inform, and here i used to be, starting to feel a lot of and a lot of content in my usually snug life.

It was on my Iceland Air flight back from national capital to Beantown that i spotted there’s no reason to prevent traveling. I might create one thing work somehow whether or not through my job or on my very own. In seat 19F, I wrote up a listing of questions:

• Could I travel & not work? 
• Where would I go? 
• How a lot of wouldn't it cost?
• Would I be able to live like that?
• What would I learn/do?
• When would I go?

I didn’t have all the answers (actually, I had none at that moment), however I knew they were queries I’d be able to answer. Honestly, I’m shocked at however straightforward it had been to form the choice to select up and leave state capital while not responsive one one among those queries

As of Gregorian calendar month 2012, I'm living in Berlin and frequently traveling around Europe and therefore the remainder of the globe. You're welcome to buy my public Facebook feed here for different update and fascinating news stories associated with travel & tourism: Check my blog's homepage to envision my future visits. Although I live full-time in Berlin, I still manage to travel quite ton for work and for pleasure...

Check my blog’s homepage to envision my future visits. Although I live full-time in Berlin, I still manage to travel quite ton for work and for pleasure…

WHAT DO I DO? However DO I TRAVEL therefore MUCH?

When I initial emotional to Berlin once my trip round the world, I worked in a very few completely different technical school start-ups before ultimately going 100% freelance. Like several different Millennial, I’ve pieced along a career from my expertise in style, marketing, business and writing.

My travels are funded variety of various ways in which. You’ll notice banner advertisements across the positioning and, every so often, I work directly with business destinations and makes. You’ll notice that disclosed within the posts also as at intervals my media kit. Some links throughout the positioning are affiliate links, that means that if you are doing book a edifice or service, I receive little commission at no further price to you.

I found my travels through my very own hard-earned savings although I do sometimes reach resolute destinations, hotels or brands before traveling for press visits. I solely contact business businesses I’m fascinated by visiting myself and reviews on this website aim to be as honest and open as potential. If you ever have any queries, don’t hesitate to rise.

Check out this blog’s commonly asked queries for additional Q&As, or learn additional regarding my work as a trafficker on my skilled portfolio web site, adamgroffman.com.


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